Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Tucson AZ

Australian-Shepherd-Puppies-for-Sale-in-Tucson-AZ. Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Tucson AZ

Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Tucson AZ. We currently have healthy Purebred Toy | Miniature | Standard Aussie Pups For Sale. They come with complete paperwork and potty trained. View our available Puppies and decide today. You can pick up your puppy at our location or we can make delivery arrangements (extra $500) learn more Shipping Info.

Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Tucson AZ

The Australian shepherd’s coat features a dense undercoat and a slightly coarse topcoat (sometimes referred to as the outer coat). The Australian Shepherd is a breed of herding dog from the United States. The name of the breed is technically a misnomer, as it was developed in California in the 19th century; the breed was unknown in Australia at the time. Wikipedia

Life span: 13 – 15 years

Temperament: IntelligentAffectionateGood-naturedActiveProtective

Colors: BlackMerleRed MerleRed tricolorBlack tricolorBlue MerleRed

Height: Male: 51–58 cm, Female: 46–54 cm

Weight: Male: 25–32 kg, Female: 16–25 kg

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Western United States

How much is an Australian puppy shepherd?

An Australian Shepherd puppy price can range anywhere from $700-$3,000. There are many factors that can affect the price, ranging from the breeder’s reputation to even the dog’s coat color.

What are the three types of Australian Shepherds?

Australian shepherd colors and patterns can vary greatly, but the United States Australian Shepherd Association recognizes these four major categories: black, red, red merle, and blue merle (merle being the genetic pattern that occurs in a dog’s coat, often appearing as speckled patches of color).

Is an Australian Shepherd a difficult dog?

No. These dogs are not naturally aggressive and make excellent family pets in many homes — they’re active, loyal, and loving dogs. So if you’re looking for a new canine best friend, an Australian shepherd could be one of the best dogs for you and your family.

Do all full blooded Australian Shepherds have blue eyes?

The Australian Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds that commonly have two different colored eyes, called heterochromia. Aussies might have any combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes. Some Aussies even display more than one color within the same eye.

What is the easiest dog to train?

Top 9 easiest dogs to train

  • #1: Border collie. No couch potatoes, border collies are athletes bred to work. …
  • #2: German shepherd. …
  • #3: Labrador retriever. …
  • #4: Golden retriever. …
  • #5: Australian shepherd. …
  • #6: Standard poodle. …
  • #7: Doberman pinscher. …
  • #8: Papillon.

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