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Purebred Aussie Pups is a safe, easy, and responsible way to find your new puppy. We serve you best by putting the health and well-being of your puppy first. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are over 1,000 real 5-star reviews from verified Purebred Aussie Pups customers.

We have a great little

We have a great little dog. The only problem I had with the procedure was Purebredaussiepups was in the last week and a half of four I got the name and contact info for the breeder.. I was very concerned because we had eight hours one way to drive and stay there to pick the dog up the next morning and I only found out the breeders contact info maybe three days or so before the pick up point but other than that it works real well

Richard S. / Mississippi

Happy, healthy puppy!

Easy process to find my new baby! Got my first Frenchie from a pet store-huge mistake! Highly recommend going through purebredassiepups-reputable breeders ensure you get a great pup! I don’t have the challenges (potty training, bad habit breaking) I had with my first Frenchie because my new pup came from a breeder who loved and cared for him adequately. Purebredassiepups reps were all very friendly, helpful, professional, and true animal lovers! My new pup is a wonderful addition to our home and my 3 year old Frenchie is so happy to have a lil friend to nurture.

Erika M. / Florida

The Best Decision I have ever made!

I am extremely excited and surprised how smooth and accurate getting my puppy was. I not only received exactly what I paid for, but much more. My new “Winnie” was in a home where she was loved and cared for as much as I do at my home. I was grateful that she was mostly potty trained and already new how to sit when we got home. I have had at least 5 people want the info on where I got Winnie and most of my friends want to steal her from me. I am grateful for Purebredaussiepups

Jennifer B. / Kansas

I was very surprised and

I was very surprised and excited with Purebredaussiepups as this was the first time of going through something like this. The experience even continues after receiving your puppy. There were many friends who warned me about how it could be a scam but I found it was opposite to that. They keep you informed from the time you decide to after you receive your new family member. I highly recommend them and will use them again once my baby is a little older. Thank you Purebredaussiepups for your help, support and continued counseling. As you can see Maxwell is really growing and very healthy. He is getting a strong wonderful personality and does well with others too.

Alice Q. / Florida

Best place to get your fur baby

The consultant that helped us was amazing. He guided us through the process and we also got a customized tag with our baby’s name and our number on it like he said.. Our Mio arrived a day before the ETA and was healthy and up to date on vaccinations. He’s an amazing baby and full of life and energy! We love him so much. Highly recommend purebredaussiepups

Miracle A. / Washington

The entire experience was great!

The entire experience was great! This is our 1st time going through a service like this and I was skeptical, but the entire process was so smooth. I loved the customer service from the team (Stromi), the continual updates and most important finding our new family member that we are already so in love with!

Shannon S. / Oregon

I love my puppy

I received timely updates on the progress of my puppy through the whole process. The delivery location was very conveniently located about 90 miles from my home, very thankful. The transport service provided timely text updates and arrived early. I’m enjoying my new addition thank you so much.

Colette R. / Texas

For a long time I

For a long time I was looking for a maltipoo and I was very afraid to buy online but it was the BEST decision, once we made the payment, it took a 3-week process until our puppy arrived at home. We are very happy, thank you purebredaussiepups

Joan N. / North Carolina

This whole experience was flawless…

This whole experience was flawless… my only concern was legitimacy… please add the ABC guest spot to website… I also did research on breeder in Utah and called her for current pics, video and reassurance!

Ronnie G. / Texas

Good communication along the way.

Good communication along the way. I gave the review 4 stars as opposed to 5 because I did receive a puppy infected with giardia. Beautiful puppy and even better now that he is over his infection after treatment.

Joan N. / North Carolina

Our baby Ozzie

Received my puppy on January 20th. The app was great on keeping me informed about my puppy. He arrived in time and in good health. I like that purebredaussiepups provided affordable insurance and training information.

Judith K. / Illinois

Happy Australian Shepherd Puppy

We had a great experience with Purebredaussiepups. They are very responsive when you have questions. I received pictures of our puppy’s parents, as well as updated pictures of the puppy while we were waiting for her travel check. Purebredaussiepups is very thorough with giving you all the information you need about your puppy. It was so nice to have the peace of mind that we were getting a healthy puppy. We love our sweet, curious Maltipoo!

Cara R. / California

Happy Family

We our puppy on Nov 3 and couldn’t be happier with him. He has the best personality. A old soul! Calm extremely friendly and loving. Very smart and picked up potty training super fast. The breeder did a amazing job socializing him. When we picked up our puppy at the airport, he was in a nice big crate with bedding, water, and food. He wasn’t scared at all and was so happy to see my husband and I and our 2 boys. We highly recommend Purebredaussiepups the whole process was a breeze.

Nichole F. / Arizona

Love my toy aussie. The breeder

Love my toy aussie. The breeder was great to work with. Purebredaussiepups was so helpful. I would definitely use them again for my next puppy in the future.

Britt R. / Virginia

Healthy Happy ball of love

Good experience, I would use Purebredaussie again. We got the most adorable and loving Maltipoo puppy. Totally healthy and is a happy little ball of energy and love.

Philip B. / Massachusetts

Great Experience Getting our New Puppy

Getting our new Aussie Rocco was a great experience through Purebredaussiepups. Everything was handled very well and everything went smoothly with plenty of online and personal assistance along the way. Rocco is an awesome dog and we love him dearly.

Ronnie G. / Virginia

We love Molly. The experience

We love Molly. The experience was satisfactory. It could have been excellent. No one ever got back to me regarding the October discount. I asked for the best pricing available. I received a discount of $150.00. A $250.00 February discount was available but not offered to me. That was a disappointment. The puppy is a blessing.

Peter P. / Colorado

Thank you for our new

Thank you for our new fur baby. He’s beautiful. Purebredaussiepups is awesome.

Scott W. / Florida

We are very happy with

We are very happy with the whole process. We ❤️ our little Dakota.

Lisa P. / Ohio

Welcome Home, Chief

We loved our experience with Purebredaussiepups! They made everything easy and took care of all the details to get our puppy home. We’re happy to have our forever companion, Chief!

Ronnie G. / Virginia

Our experience with Purebredaussiepups has

Our experience with Purebreaussiepups has been great! This was our first time buying a puppy and at first I was very skeptical. Puppyspot made the process so smooth and easy each step of the way. Once we purchased our boy, everything was communicated, I had several calls with puppy managers and the app explained everything. We got our pick up location, they were on time and the puppy transfer was smooth. We love our new boy so much, he is the perfect addition to our family. I have also made use of the free vetster appointments and some of the discount codes. Would definitely recommend!

Kerry P. / New York

I’m in love with my

I’m in love with my new family member. Everything about my experience with puppyspot has been very positive and made my selection a easy choice

Steve K. / Florida

Highly recommend!

Purebredaussiepups was wonderful to work with for the most part. When trying to narrow down which puppy to get, Lisa was so patient and informative and really helped me feel confident in my decision. We are overjoyed with our boy, Jax. The only difficult part was in trying to communicate with anyone during the travel planning phase. The travel planners are not very responsive or helpful. We ended up having to drive quite a distance to an airport which was not the closest airport making for an extra long day for a puppy that had traveled for many hours and a dangerous winter drive for us. However, the travel arrangements, while not ideal, did go off flawlessly and at the end of the day we have a beautiful, healthy puppy.

Kathy Y. / California

Great experience purchasing our puppy

Great experience purchasing our puppy from Purebredaussiepups. They were extremely thorough, knowledgeable and truly caring about the whole process. We are so happy with our new addition to our family. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for your furever friend.

Kristin S. / Pennsylvania

We are very satisfied with

We are very satisfied with the service provided and are more than happy with our Maltipoo, Maizie!

Madeleyn B. / Florida

My little puppy is absolutely

My little puppy is absolutely adorable and the whole process with Purebredaussiepups was so easy. My vet here says he is in perfect health . I would totally recommend using this company.

Mary Jane S. / Tennessee

Thank you purebredaussiepups! Today

Thank you purebredaussiepups! Today is our golden retriever Belle’s one year birthday! She is so sweet and we love her so much! She has been the best dog!!!❤️

Sharen B. / Alabama

Five Star Service!

Everything was spot on! Customer service was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better. Meeting up with the breeder was a very nice touch and helpful. Having that personal contact with the breeder was a huge help. The breeder would send me recent and updated photos and videos of my puppy. Puppy was/is in great health and arrived without any issues as well as a welcome package from the breeder. I am surely recommending this service to anyone and everyone!

Patrick B. / Florida